Thankful for mayor


As a resident of Estherville for many years, I would like to say how much I appreciate the letters to all of us written by Mayor Joseph May almost every week and published in the Estherville Daily News. He obviously cares deeply about the citizens of this town and how our lives are impacted by all that goes on around us in this area. His kindness and empathy are meant for each of us and can help us live better lives in our home town. Having a mayor who speaks and writes with intelligence, humor and understanding of how our city government should work to benefit all residents is a gift every town, large or small, can appreciate. And we in Estherville are lucky enough to have found such a person. A big “thank you” to Mayor May, to the city council members, and to all the city of Estherville employees who work hard to make this a good place for us to live.

A grateful citizen of Estherville,

Suzanne West


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