Charging toward net zero: The environmental factors electric vehicles don't fix

CoPilot analyzed academic studies and federal and news sources to illustrate America's uphill battle to electrify vehicles.
New York Auto Show Features the Latest in Automotive
(BPT) - The New York International Auto Show highlighted all the latest in the world of automotive. Kia unveiled the all new 2025 Kia K4, which is elevating the compact sedan with more room, …
Leading Automotive Brand Celebrates Industry Success
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Experts say viewing your car as an investment can improve your finances
(BPT) - In these inflationary times, the cost of owning a car seems to increase on a daily basis. The price of buying a car is growing, and so is the cost of operating one. We all want personal …
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the (Re)Making of Lowrider Magazine
(BPT) - Lowrider cars have been a rich symbol of empowerment and a unique form of artistic expression for those within the lowriding community. Much of this culture was highlighted for more than 40 …
3 ways the automotive aftermarket can tackle growing challenges
(BPT) - The world of online commerce has provided more options for businesses and consumers. For the automotive aftermarket industry, it has allowed retailers to source tires, parts, and services …
Experts provide tips to avoid becoming a distracted driving statistic
(BPT) - Multitasking has become the theme of the decade as people try to balance work, family and social obligations in a world where time seems to be shrinking while the number of things to do is …

Which states have the most failing bridges?

Bridgford, Gleason & Artinian Law analyzed records of more than 600,000 bridges throughout the country to find which states have the most that are in need of repair or replacement.

Even hands-free, phones and their apps cause dangerously distracted driving

Do you ever use your cellphone while driving? Don’t feel too guilty about saying yes – nearly 60% of drivers admit to using their phone in hands-free mode while driving. …

Why aren’t there solar-powered cars?

Solar cars exist. The best place to see them is the World Solar Challenge, a race that’s held every two years in Australia. Competitors have to drive about 1,870 miles (3,000 kilometers), from Darwin on the country’s north coast to Adelaide on its south coast, using only energy from the Sun. ...

Americans' love of trucks is offsetting overall vehicle efficiency gains

The General used data from the Environmental Protection Agency to see how cars and trucks have become more efficient over time.

The 5 most and least reliable cars in the US, according to car owners uses data from Consumer Reports to discuss the most reliable and unreliable cars in the U.S. as of December 2023.

Bestselling cars in the US

To take a closer look at the auto market, Cheap Insurance compiled a ranking of the bestselling cars in the U.S. using 2023 data from Edmunds.

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After an incident with one of Google's driverless vehicles in San Francisco, explores whether the city is ready to adopt these vehicles for service.
The deadliest intersections in America, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The law firm of Piasta Walker Hagenbush LLC analyzed more than 18 years of crash reporting data from NHTSA's Fatality Analysis Reporting System to identify the deadliest intersection in the US.
Is gap insurance worth it to pay off your auto loan when your car is totaled?
Edmunds offers a guide to gap insurance and addresses the question of when and why it may be worth getting.
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The role of dashcams in vehicle accidents and their effect on your car insurance

Cheap Insurance looks into the role of vehicle onboard dashcams in legal proceedings, including traffic court cases, accident lawsuits, and car insurance rates.

Average auto loan debt grew 5.2% in 2023. How will it affect car buyers in 2024?

Experian looked at its anonymized credit data to observe recent trends in auto financing and analyze how those trends may continue to affect car buyers in 2024.

How telematics could lower insurance premiums for safe drivers—and help discourage bad driving habits

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Does your car insurance cover a rental while your car is repaired? Here's what to know before filing a claim

Cheap Insurance navigates the winding road of auto insurance coverage and rental reimbursement.

States where people own the most motorcycles

Cheap Insurance compiled a ranking of the states with the most motorcycle owners using data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In 2023, more than 7% of cars sold in the United States were electric vehicles. In some parts of the world, such as Norway, the percentage was a whopping 20%. In California, where I live, almost 60% of people looking for a car in 2021 said they would at least consider getting an EV. …
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