Work to keep the caucus


Dear Editor,

The Emmet County Republicans would like to thank all who came out and caucused last Monday. Special thanks go to Amy Sathoff's office for their help, as well as Iowa Lakes Community College for help with Caucus Training and for facilitating the event Monday night. Everything went smoothly and we were done with results reported by 8:30 pm. With all the negative attention on Iowa right now, we'd like to distinguish between the way the two parties carry out the process of reporting candidate preference. As the caucus is very grassroots, so is the straw poll that Republicans use to count support for presidential candidates. Once and done. Votes collected, tallied by precinct, and reported to the state party immediately after. Democrats, however, go to the additional measure of re-voting after candidates with little support are eliminated and remaining candidates are mathematically assigned delegates. Raw numbers, first and second "alignments", and delegate counts are then reported to the state party. Whether it's the app that was used to report results, or the complicated process of selection that contributed most to the Democrat's delay is debatable, but it's important that we keep the caucus process. The caucus is handled locally - very grassroots and close to you - where a primary is state-run and costly; there is no interaction between local parties and the county's voters. Going forward we're hoping for continued support for the Iowa's first in the nation caucus, and for a more simplified process that mitigates errors.

Jim Boyer

Emmet County Caucus Chair


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