Supervisors breeze through long agenda


The Emmet County Board of Supervisors hacked through a long agenda of mainly boilerplate items to finish the first meeting of the year within an hour Monday, Jan. 3. The meeting was held the first business day of the year, rather than the usual Tuesday.
The board reappointed Jeff Quastad chair and approved Supervisor Todd Glasnapp vice-chair, replacing Tim Schumacher who held that position over the previous year. Schumacher chaired the meeting since Quastad met with the board remotely.
The board approved Resolution 2022-01, adopting the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Matrix regulating animal confinement operations. Also approved was Resolution 2022-02 naming depositories for the Emmet County Treasurer. They also approved boards and committees with some minor changes.
The board approved the Estherville News, Armstrong Journal and Ringsted Dispatch as official newspapers. They also approved .50 per mile as mileage reimbursement for official business. The board also approved dates for paying claims and approved allocating the second half of the fiscal 2022 budget.
In other matters, the board approved Resolution 2022-03 authorizing the county engineer to administer Farm-to-Market and federal and state construction projects. They also approved Resolution 2022-04, naming the engineer as coordinator for Title VI Provisions of Civil Rights Act of 1964 for Secondary Roads.
In the road report, Emmet County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth said relatively mild weather caused few winter maintenance issues. Crews were tree trimming, brush cutting and ditch cleaning.
The board also discussed and signed a letter to Dist. 4 Senator Dennis Guth and Dist. 7 Rep. Henry Stone regarding the Summit and Navigator carbon dioxide pipelines crossing Emmet County. The letter cited “three irreconcilable issues that will have lasting effect and do irreparable damage to our county’s agricultural welfare and ownership rights.”
Drainage – “This proposed project will allow private investors to profit while limiting future improvements and productivity of the land. Additionally, it is inevitable that there will be damage to existing drainage tile and without appropriate legislation on the state and county levels, there is no protection for the private tile already installed.”
Safety – “While the merits of this projects are a topic addressed later, planning for response to an accidental discharge of the concentrated CO2 will require additional training at great expense to our county.”
Infrastructure and future development – “These pipelines will further impede the installation and placement of the much-needed infrastructure, that of fiber optics, gas, and electric both in and out of the county.”
The letter further takes to task the issue of eminent domain to acquire land easements, the dangers of nitrous oxide which is 298 times more hazardous to the environment than CO2 and the demand of CO2 for corn production.
Emmet County Attorney Melanie Summers Bauler reviewed two Dolliver parcels with delinquent property taxes. The board approved sending a notice of expiration on right of redemption on properties at 6098 Railroad Street and 1095 School Street.


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