Snow gnomes seek long lost family

An extended family of snow gnomes with eyes that light up at night have descended on Library Square – will their long lost kin show up and break the ice?


Following a snow-covered trail and a map printed off of Ancestry, an extended family of snow gnomes has gathered in Library Square to connect with their Emmet County relatives. Describing their family tree as kind of a weeping willow, the gnomes made the long trip underground and popped up in the square.
The gnomes are shy creatures, and usually no one sees them, but they only find their small footprints in the snow. Arriving on the cusp of Groundhog’s Day, the gnomes predict that spring will come soon – or at least soon enough.
The great-grandmother gnome, a creature with icy composure, explained:
“We are ghosts of blizzards past. We delayed our journey due to the winter tornadoes and eerie sky stunts. There are many of us, and our reunion will take place in the community that coined the term, ‘blizzard.’ We need community members to help us pop up out of the snow and bring in an early spring.”
Snow sculptors are invited to Library Square to create new relatives for a family reunion with snow drama. Some of the family members may be flaky, others cold as ice. Colors, outfits and accessories are all encouraged.
Stay tuned for news of a possible future event.


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