Memories displayed


Family and friends display part of the late Mary Hart's Santa Claus decorations at Estherville Public Library. Jim Hart, Mary's widower, assembled the display along with Suzanne West, Carla Ridout and Kathy Holmquist, as well as Jim and Mary's daughters Amanda and Linda.

Mary Hart, who owned the local quilt shop for many years, had connections throughout the community as a former preschool teacher and working at Forest Ridge. Mary passed away shortly after closing the quilt shop this past year. The display includes gifts from loved ones in addition to Mary's creation. Marilyn Soper hand-carved a row of wooden Santas at the top.

Santa is the theme throughout the display with a variety of quilted, sculpted, painted and poured images of the jolly old elf.

From left: Kathy Holmquist, Jim Hart, and Suzanne West

Photo by Amy H. Peterson


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