Hey, Santa


I always remind the children who write letters to you life isn’t about perfect performance, but about growing and learning. You and I both know what’s happened, but each day springs anew.

This was another pretty good year, and any bad things I did were comical or enlightening adventures for all who participated. Santa, I regret nothing.

Fine. I could have been more generous, more responsible to others around me, wiser with finance, and more ambitious to conform. Right?

You’ve given me the best adult (or nearly so) kids I could ask for. Caitlyn is already working as a designer for a solar energy company and she doesn't graduate from design school until May. It's great that you brought Caitlyn here in March and she could rush back to Texas before the pandemic really hit. I really hope her graduation in Texas isn't the same day as Bryan's from ELC. Thank you, Santa for his enormous scholarship to Luther College, the fact that we still have oodles of money to raise notwithstanding. We are not sure this is the final decision, but the dollar signs look really great.

My thoughts are with my friends who lost spouses and other loved ones to this virus and those who are suffering under the conditions in which we live. If you have some COVID-B-Gone to clear this up, that would be great.

There were several things that made 2020 a mostly craptastic year.

Santa, can we get more people to engage with local government at its meetings? It’s part of the journalist’s job to help government be transparent. Citizens asking the right questions of our officials helps us do that job.

Speaking of officials, we have quite a bit of turnover on the state and national level in 2020 after the presidential, congressional, senatorial, and other elections. Can we get friends back to being friends, no matter whose side they were on for the election? We're all Americans, Iowans, and Emmet County residents so can you sprinkle some reindeer dust so we can move forward together?

Poverty, ACEs, farmers, education – these topics are always at the forefront of our minds and continue to be struggles in our county. We’ve raised the awareness. I’d love to document the part where we do something about it. It’s the same for mental health. The grant to plan a new approach to children’s mental health as well as new providers coming in to the community when one provider pulled out have created a hopeful atmosphere that people in need of help in Emmet County can get it.

Santa, we share a passion for great food, and you sent some goodies from the best cooks and bakers in the area this year. If some home chefs wanted to open their kitchens and show off their best dishes, I’d happily scoot over to capture the deliciousness. Food and dining is the second most popular feature in the newspaper, according to a webinar I took on increasing reader engagement.

Santa Claus, I must not be as naughty as I think I am, because it’s been a year of wonderful gifts. As the year ends, there are new babies, new adoptions, new hopes and new dreams to capture. I’d love to see even more displays of love for others and more peace, and the scent of pine and mistletoe, hot cocoa and cider as we enjoy each other’s company to top off the season.

Kind regards as always.


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