Hard work pays off for ELC Class of 2021 on Awards Day


Students in the Estherville Lincoln Central class of 2021 capped off their high school days with the senior awards ceremony in the high school gym Friday morning. Members of the greater community, state and beyond recognized class members with scholarships while school faculty and staff presented scholarships and awards from within the school.

Scholarships awarded from area businesses, organizations and individuals totalled around $70,000.

Iowa Lakes Community College presented nearly $43,500 in scholarships to several members of the class, while four class members were recognized with scholarship awards totaling $211,440 from the colleges and universities they are attending.

Three young women in the class, Emma Ross, Allison Young and Kendyl Ruschy, are co-valedictorians, receiving perfect grade point averages and each with a wide range of activities, service and honors.

The following awards were presented:

Iowa State Bar Association Citizenship Award: Adrienne Rosfjord

American Legion Scholarship: Madison Mack

Smart Start Merit Achievement Scholarship: Kaitlyn Pollock

TBS Scholarship: Kaitlyn Pollock

Chapter AY PEO: Beatris Blanco

Kiwanis Walter Hammer Scholarship: Nick Leonard & Brandon Brunsvold

John Sawyer Scholarship: Adrienne Rosfjord

Estherville Noon Kiwanis: Allison Young

Hanson/Gesche Scholarship: Scott Whitacre

Max Yield Cooperative: Maggie White

Federated Rural Electric Scholarship: Alex Jensen

ELC Patrons of the Fine Arts: Jaden Templin, Maggie Domek, Emma Ross, Scott Whitacre and Allison Young

Bank Plus Outstanding Graduates: Gary Gardner, Kendyl Ruschy & Allison Young

Emmet County Farm Bureau: Maggie White & Kendyl Ruschy

Iowa Farm Bureay: Kendyl Ruschy

Estherville Rotary: Jaden Templin & Taetym Fredericksen

Estherville Ambassadors Community Service Award: Emma Ross

Iowa Lakes Electric Coop Commitment to Community: Matt Christensen, Taetym Fredericksen, Emma Ross & Kendyl Ruschy

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative Dependent: Kendyl Ruschy

Basin Electric Scholarship: Kendyl Ruschy

Jon & Michelle Wood Scholarship: Maggie White

ELC Staff Scholarship: Octavious Piercy-Maze

Kerry Knutsen Scholarship: Nick Leonard, Scott Whitacre, Jaden Templin & Gloria Baledelamar

Dee Brainerd Memorial Scholarship: Garrett Paulson

ELC Foundation: Maggie Domek, Alex Jensen, Adrienne Rosfjord & Adelee Reinhardt

Motor Inn Auto Group: Octavious Piercy-Maze, Amara Heinrichs

Kenny & Laureen Beck Scholarship: Garrett Paulson

Travis Loftis Scholarship: Brenna Evans, Nick Leonard, Adrienne Rosfjord

Allyn Hansen Memorial Agriculture Award: Adelee Reinhardt, Maggie White, & Gary Gardner

Emmet County Cattlemen’s Scholarship: Taetym Fredericksen, Adelee Reinhardt, Kendyl Ruschy, & Maggie White

Chapter ON PEO: Jaden Templin

North Star Massonic Lodge: Octavious Piercy-Maze & Alyna Astello

ELCEA Scholarship: Emma Ross & Adelee Reinhardt

Intellectual Freedom Scholarship: Kendyl Ruschy

FFA Scholarship: Gary Gardner, Adelee Reinhardt, Kendyl Ruschy, Maggie White & Taetym Fredericksen

United Methodist Women’s Scholarship: Emma Ross, Alex Jensen & Carly Grange

Al Limberg/Booster Club Scholarship: Carly Grange & Matt Christensen

WA-TAN-YE Scholarships: Kendyl Ruschy & Brandon Brunsvold

ELKS Most Valuable Student: Kendyl Ruschy

ELKS Bob & Paulette Graff Scholarship: Amara Heinrichs

Stateline Cooperative Scholarship: Taetym Fredericksen & Gary Gardner

Employees Credit Union: Brandon Brunsvold, Alex Jensen, Gary Gardner & Nick Leonard

Sonstegard Tyrell Scholarship Foundation: Kevin Egeland & Octavious Piercy-Maze

Christina Hixon Opportunity Award: Garrett Paulson

Purple Cord Presidential Volunteer: Claire Brandt & Adrienne Rosfjord

Purple Cord: Maggie Domek, Claire Brandt, Beatris Blanco, Kendyl Ruschy, Adrienne Rosfjord, Taetym Fredericksen, Will Larson, Adelee Reinhardt, Brenna Evans, Madison Mack, Alyna Astello, Maggie White, Nick Leonard, Emma Ross & Allison Young

English award: Emma Ross

Mathematics award: Garrett Paulson

Social Studies award: Nick Leonard

Science award: Emma Ross

Governor’s scholar recognition: Emma Ross

Senior Fine Arts Awards: Bryan Peterson, Emma Ross

International Thespian: Emma Ross

Academic All Conference:

Hoyt Luithly Awards: Emma Ross Kendyl Ruschy, Allison Young, Gary Gardner, Adrienne Rosfjord, Garrett Paulson

Senior Athletes of the Year: Kendyl Ruschy & Matt Christensen

Bernie Saggau Award: Adrienne Rosfjord

Valedictorian Awards: Kendyl Ruschy, Allison Young, & Emma Ross


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