Estherville home sold for $1,000


When the Estherville City Council put up for bids a northside home it had acquired, the first intention was to offer it only for those wishing to do the renovations and repairs and live in it themselves. The 1925 home is in need of extensive repair. It was acquired from the previous owner January 20, 2021 through a court-ordered sale from his mother. The previous owner died in 2015, and no transfers were made since then.

The first time the home was bid, Ron Andrews offered $2,000. However, he was not intending to fix it and live in it, so the city told Andrews his bid did not fit the criteria. There were no other bids.

The city reopened bids and included bidders who were not going to live in it. The city council had informed Andrews that he was invited to re-bid in the second round, and Andrews declined, according to city council member Dave Seylar.

The city submitted an offer from Jon McCorkell of McCorkell Rentals, Inc., a Ceylon resident, to purchase the property for $1,000 and with no one speaking at Monday evening’s public hearing, McCorkell’s offer was accepted.

McCorkell and his business partner, Brent Prouty, have the intent to fix up a number of the distressed properties in Estherville and offer them for sale in the $40-80,000 price range.

McCorkell said he and Prouty have been fixing homes in Estherville to offer decent rentals.

“I think the city may have seen what we are doing and thought this project was a good match with what we’re doing,” McCorkell said.

“Without us, the city might instead have had a demolition project on its hands,” McCorkell said.

The contract requires McCorkell to start rehabilitation of the house within three months and completion within 18 months.


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