ELC OKs land transfer to city for new pool


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The Estherville Lincoln Central School Board Monday unanimously approved the transfer of land next to the Regional Wellness Center to the City of Estherville for the city's planned new swimming pool.

While the transfer did not involve a payment to the school district, the city paid for all costs and expenses related to the transfer. The closing date was set for Jan. 15. 2020.

ELC superintendent Tara Paul noted that there are plans for sharing options between the city and the Regional Wellness Center to offset costs of operating both the outdoor and indoor pools.

No verbal or written concerts were received about the land transfer during the public hearing on the issue.

The issue was one of several discussed during the meeting on Monday.

During administrative reports, ELC Middle School Principal Frank Christenson talked about how the first virtual school day on Dec. 9 caught the teachers by surprise and they weren't as prepared as during times when a known storm is coming.

"I'm happy with the assignments the teachers put out to the students," said Christenson. "We also gave students more time to turn in those assignments.

ELC High School Principal Brad Leonard reported on the success of "Midget Fun Night." Leonard explained that the event was created for something to give students the opportunity to come together.

A "Fun Night' held this past Monday was put on by restaurant students and included cocoa, cookies and a cake walk.

"We've also done intramural events like volleyball and we've had 60-80 come to participate," said Leonard. "It's rewarding because many are kids that don't participate in other activities."

ELC Activities Director Shane Kalous addressed the question the school district has been getting about why concerts are being held in the gyms this year.

"Last year, Demoney had a concert in the gym and it went well," Kalous said, adding that the middle school and high school music departments looked at the feasibility of concerts in the gym this year.

While the high school play was held at Roosevelt Auditorium, which is now owned by Upper Des Moines Opportunity, the building didn't have heat at that time due to some damage to the boiler during demolition. While the heat is working in Roosevelt now, the music departments planned this year's the concerts in the school gyms.

"Mrs. (Laura) Giebler (band director) was happy with how it sounded," Kalous said of the high school concert held earlier this month. "It also cuts down on moving instruments and band shells.

"Once the Iowa Lakes (Community College) Auditorium is done, we hope to use that for concerts," he said.

Kalous also talked about the volunteer coaches.

He said volunteer coaches must meet many of the same requirements as regular coaches and are approved by the school board.

The ELC School Board held Monday's meeting in the Little Theatre at the high school, but determined the venue didn't help in audience members being able to hear board conversation clearly at all times. The board plans to look at other venues in the district.


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